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sprite-mb  Mambalsa Mondays in Kings Cross

On Mondays in Kings Cross I’m running classes in Salsa and Mambalsa and I’d like to invite you to come for FREE.
This is a fun, friendly and supportive space for you to try and improve both salsa and Mambalsa.

You may not have heard of Mambalsa but it’s a new stylish partner dance similar to salsa but designed to work with any music from anywhere at any speed! It’s easy to learn and in no time you’ll be creating the nuance and complexity to express your personal style.

The salsa classes are presented using the Salsa Rapido method which is fast and fun.
The style is integrated spanning linear (CBL), static (Colombian) and rotational (Cuban Casino / Rueda)

As I mentioned the cost of the classes is FREE, although contributions are welcome at the end of the class if you’re inspired. There'll be no arm twisting unless it’s done gently and is part of a move :) At the moment it’s more important to me to grow and establish the classes so please spread the word.

If you’re interested please join the contact list to let me know you're coming at Join the contact list

6:00 to 6:45 Introduction to salsa (Absolute beginners most welcome)
7:00 - 9:00 Improver Salsa and Mambalsa (‘Blend’ format) about Blend Format

Upstairs at the The Star of Kings, 126 York Way, London N1 0AX The Star of Kings location

I hope to see you there,
Alastair - The Streetbeat Salsa Co.

sprite-mb  Mambalsa Autumn Workshops

This Autumn ‘21 I’m offering a series of three full day workshops in central London to explore and develop Mambalsa as a social partner dance.

The chances are you haven’t heard of Mambalsa. It’s the first new partner dance of the 21st century. It can be danced solo or in groups and looks similar to many popular Latin partner dances with a little extra sizzle and giggle.
Mambalsa is danced to almost any music fast or slow, from Acid House to Zydeco! Mambalsa adapts and moulds itself to the music's rhythm.
It’s very easy and fast to learn. You’ll be dancing Mambalsa in five minutes and showing your friends in ten!
Built into the heart of Mambalsa is an ethos of: confidence, respect and positivity that generate well-being. Mambalsa can be just a fun thing or an ongoing conversation about practicing life skills leading to a more fulfilled life.
Mambalsa’s new and that means there’s a huge opportunity for anyone who gets involved at the start. My aim is to build a group of Mambalsa dancers as the first step towards establishing Mambalsa on the global dance scene.

What we’ll cover:
The Basics of Mambalsa including the fundamental rules that define the dance.
Event based moves e.g. spins, travelling steps leading to small combos.
Five categories of moves and 100,000 combinations.
How to lead and follow with presence. (In Mambalsa everyone learns to lead and follow)
Using empathy and respect to build confidence within the dance relationship.
Working with the music.
The psychology of having more fun more often.
Research: Each workshop is a research laboratory to develop Mambalsa
The Mambalsa community and business model.

The workshops are presented by Alastair Sadler creator of Mambalsa, professional dance teacher since 1995.

What to Bring
I would ask every participant to choose a track they would like to dance to but not from a genre they already dance e.g. a salsa dancer should not choose a salsa track.

I’ve kept the cost to a minimum so it isn’t a barrier to participant:
£25 per person
11am-5pm Salsa Soho, 96 Charing Cross Road.

sprite-mb  About Mambalsa

About the dance:
[Mambalsa/Salsa Mondays in Kings Cross]
Mambalsa is a fun, new partner dance that looks like a traditional smooth and stylish Latin partner dance with a little extra funk and groove where required! It also works in lines (grids) circles (ruedas) and even solo.

What makes Mambalsa different from the dances of previous centuries is that it works to almost any music at any speed, from a slow sensual Cuban bolero to rave anthem.
From the smartphone in our pocket we have almost instant access to every genre of music from anywhere in the world and Mambalsa allows us dance to it, exploring the connection between rhythm, movement and culture.

At its heart, Mambalsa has an ethos of fun, confidence, respect and well-being.
We dance to feel good and have fun. Expressing our inner confidence through empathy generates a playful creative culture of friendship and positivity.

Mambalsa is an easy dance to learn, the rules that define the dance are easy and clear. Typically you’ll be up and dancing Mambalsa within two minutes, just right for a society that expects things to work straight out of the box.

What are its Origins?
In 2014 My wife felicity was playing violin at a bolero concert and I realised that for all my salsa skills I couldn’t dance to a bolero. It just didn’t seem to fit. At the same time I was talking to some old school friends about reforming our band which brought to mind all those fabulous eighties songs and again I realized I couldn’t dance to it (beyond dad’s disco).
If only there was a dance that I could dance slow and sensually to and then bop to pop. Even the modern jives couldn't cope with slower songs, so I set about creating one.

The default global dance, a simple two step often called ‘Dad’s Disco’ or as I like to call it ‘The English Two Step’, seems to express anxiety. If someone stands in the cold for long enough they will inevitably start to shuffle this to keep warm. In both cases the body withdraws blood from extremities for self preservation. For anyone who is nervous at a beginners class this offers a completely congruent and natural movement.
A confident version of this is Mambo Cuban (tap step tap step)
Many Latin dances have three steps over four beats [:step step step pause:] e.g. salsa, son, bachata etc. At the moment of the pause, they seemed to offer a moment of extrovert expression, a ‘Ta Da’.
I combined them both to form Mambalsa [:tap step tap step tap step step step:]
What I hadn’t realised was how the combination of Mambo Cubano’s anxious congruence combine with salsa’s expressive triple step would speed the learning process. People learn it so quickly! Of course mastery takes a little longer :-)

Check out the [Mambalsa Blog]

sprite-mb  Daytime Dance Muswell Hill N10

Daytime Dance Muswell Hill
Daytime Dance is an exciting new project to bring people together for fun and friendship whilst learning a brand new dance Mambalsa, a new social dance that promotes well-being through confidence, empathy and respect.
Pop in a give it a go. It's a genuine start any week format.

Times: Mondays 3pm- 4pm from Sept 30th
Location: Stella’s Room Cafe Muswell Hill, Stella's Rooms, Opposite the cinema, 46 Fortis Green Rd, London N10 3HN [Map Link]
Cost: First session FREE then just £5 (I don’t want cost to be a barrier)
Adults of any age welcome (18+)

also: Wednesdays 11am at The Three Compasses, 62 High St, Hornsey, London N8 7NX [Map Link]

[About Mambalsa]
[Mambalsa Blog]

sprite-mb  Daytime Dance Hornsey N8

Daytime Dance Hornsey N8
Daytime Dance is an exciting new project to bring people together for fun and friendship whilst learning a brand new dance Mambalsa, a new social dance that promotes well-being through confidence, empathy and respect.
Location: The Three Compasses, 62 High St, Hornsey, London N8 7NX [Map Link]
Times: Wednesdays 11am to 12.30pm from June 19th
Cost: First session FREE then pay what you want. (I don’t want cost to be a barrier)
Adults of any age welcome (18+)
also: Mondays 3pm Muswell Hill N10
Location: Stella’s Room Cafe Muswell Hill, Stella's Rooms, Opposite the cinema, 46 Fortis Green Rd, London N10 3HN [Map Link]

[About Mambalsa]
[Mambalsa Blog]

sprite-mb  Corona Virus Statement

Corona Virus Statement update. (05/09/2021)
All courses are now booked on the basics that we will be swapping partners as before covid 19. This reflects salsa culture and improves the course in many ways.
Covid has not gone away so I ask that:
If you have any possible symptoms of Covid you postpone your course date. I will not charge transfer fees. Please let me know ASAP.
Anyone showing symptoms similar to covid 19 will not be admitted.
If you can test before coming please do. I will test myself before every course.
If your booking or gift voucher was affected by lockdown please note that I have extended gift vouchers and suspended booking indefinitely.
Restriction required by the government or venue may change at short notice. We will comply with all. This may lead to postponements or delays and I ask for your flexibility as I offer mine.
Course dates may have to be postponed at short notice.
Ultimately, the responsibility for our own safety and those around us rest with ourselves. I ask that we err on the side of reasonable caution.
Meanwhile stay safe :-)
Regards Alastair

sprite-mb  Mambalsa Blog

Follow the progress of the Mambalsa Project on the Mambalsa Blog.
[Mambalsa Blog]

The link above opens a new window.
I've hosted the blog on Blogger for ease of use.

sprite-mb  Mambalsa FAQ

Welcome to Mambalsa FAQ

sprite-mb  Itinerary

Doors open at 11am.
Please arrive by 11.15am for a 11.30am start.
The workshop finishes at 5pm.
There are regular coffee breaks and an hour for lunch.
Break times vary depending on the pace of the course.

sprite-mb  Salsa Soho location

Salsa! Soho
96 Charing Cross Rd
near Leicester Square
London WC2H 0JG

Map Link

Tube: Leicester Square or Tottenham Court Road

Courses are held different locations depending on the date.
Other locations and date's can be checked here: Locations in London
If you are unsure please text me 07939012231 but I cannot reply after 10am on the day of the course :-)

sprite-offer Offers:

Summer 2022 Offer for the Salsa Rapido 1-Day Intensive
Summer 2022 gets going with a great offer!
‘Couples only’ bookings for £79 saving £51!
‘Singles’ bookings £49 saving £16!
Use the offer-code "2022" when you book.
Only available for course dates before end August 2022.

Salsa and Mambalsa Classes are Free in Kings Cross on Mondays

Just let me know you're coming the first time

Book your first FREE place Now!

Streetbeat Salsa presents Salsa Kings Cross at: The Star of Kings, 126 York Way, London N1 0AX (The Star of Kings location)

Find out more at Salsa Kings Cross

Welcome Salsa Session for absolute beginners (6.20-7pm)
Salsa and Mambalsa classes (7pm-9.30pm)
It's Free but please let me know you're coming for the first time :)

sprite-news Events:

No other events to show at the moment, but watch this space :-)

sprite-news News:

Dance school says ballet is racially problematic and too gender binary!
I saw this article in the news and throught I'd offer a few thoughts so here's my latest Mambalsa blog blog posts titled: Dance school says ballet is racially problematic and too gender binary

Mambalsa is not just an alternative partner dance, it's an exploration of culture and self.
Dr Dance AKA Dr Peter Lovatt got a crowd at a festival to do a F%&k Cancer Huka. This resonated with my journey personally and with my counselling work at The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre.
I borrowed his Huka and placed it into the Mambalsa framework and used it as a way of expressing anger in a positive way.

Here's my latest Mambalsa blog blog posts titled: mambalsa-wedding

Summer's a great time for a wedding and this wedding was a wonderful fusion of dance styles.

Here's my latest Mambalsa blog blog posts titled: mambalsa-wedding

Well I did it! I ran the Brighton Marathon 2022
Here's my latest marathon/ lockdown blog posts titled: Alastair's Marathon
If you want to sponsor me here's the link to the charity fundraising page (open until end May 2022):
Salsa Rapido Method has it's own blog at Salsa Rapido Method
and not forgetting Mambalsa at: Mambalsa
My latest post in the Salsa Rapido blog is about the Blend Format.
This is an evening format where class and free-dance are blended together.
Not to be confused with blended learning where tuition is both on and off-line, Blend has many benefits for the student, the teacher and the venue....
Salsa Rapido blog post: Blend 21 the Reboot
My latest post in the Salsa Rapido blog is about my ethical dilemma as to whether my Salsa Rapido courses should swap partners or not.
I look forward to when this post-covid deliberation is purly of historical interest :)
Salsa Rapido blog post: Blend 21 the Reboot
CoronaVirus Statement update. (16/09/2020)
Due to the recent second spike in coronavirus cases the venue management has decided that all dance activities at their venues should be put on hold for the time being.

Although frustrating and costly, I fully appreciate their position and although my courses would be fully covid security compliant and well within the rules it would send a mixed message to the public about dance.

I have therefore suspended all dates on the booking system.
I hope that I can restart in the near future.
Meanwhile I am selling open ended gift vouchers at a discount price of £75 per couple with discount code ‘2020’
Gift Link
Last April was the 25th anniversary of The Streetbeat Salsa Co. and I’m looking forward to celebrating it on my next 1-Day Intensive salsa course as soon as possible.
Meanwhile stay safe :-)
Regards Alastair
Yesterday I received an email from TripAdvisor informing me that I had been awarded a Certificate of Excellence.
I had no idea that there was such a thing but now I've got one I'm a big fan.
It's the chance to thanks to everyone who's taken the time and trouble to say some kind words about my Salsa Rapido 1-Day Intensive course.

Click the image to visit TridAdvisor

Reflection: (You may prefer to read this on the Salsa Rapido Blog)
When I embedded TripAdvisor into my site I was hoping for praise but open to the possibility of harsh and unfair criticism, and in fairness I've received a one star review from someone who wasn't on the course and a two star review from someone who enjoyed the class but didn't enjoy the fajitas at lunch! May I just add that fajitas are not compulsory and anyone can eat wherever they wish. Lunch isn't even part of the deal so bring a packet of crisps in if you wish but don't blame my course if they didn't have your favourite flavour! (I'm so over it now)
Anyway, I overcame my fears and gave it a go, realising that feedback is good and TripAdivsor offers a third party review that's useful for the pubic when booking.
Many months later and I've received mainly five star reviews.
This tells me that:
My presentation is engaging and entertaining.
People are way nicer than I deserve.
Salsa Rapido is a mature enough method to stand comparison to traditional classes.
I'm really good at asking for five star reviews.

On the last point my hobby of stand up comedy led to five shows at the Edinburgh Fringe where at the end of a show we would have a 'bucket speech' to encourage the audience to give a tip (our only source of income)
Cliched line like "Take some change, fold it and put it in the bucket" were common.
One time I got a waif-like act to kneel down holding the bucket while looking as mournful as a Dickensian child.
Another time a showed the audience picture of my cats on my phone and asked "which one should I 'economise' first?" Well it works for charities!
The result was seldom any different. It was the show that counted.
I've set up a new section on the site for Tripadvisor reviews of the 1-Day Intensive Course.
If you've been on the course recently and would be kind enough to review it please go to
Thanks in advance :-)
For suggestions and suggestions please email me at
I've publish more articles on the Salsa Rapido blog.

Other Salsa Rapido articles include:
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