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The London Salsa venue right in the heart of London's Camden Market.
Salsa Classes and Club every Tuesday from 7.30pm - 1am.

Our Salsa Classes

At beginners and improvers level we use the Salsa Rapido foundation course method, which is the fastest and most fun way to master leading and following, with the style and confidence you need to look great.
At Intermediate and Advanced levels there is a definite Cuban theme as you would expect in a venue named 'The Cuban'.
I would like to add that our classes are fun but not slack, which means that class levels are maintained and we will politely bump where necessary. A good idea is to come early and meet the teachers before the classes if you’re not sure.


Salsa Camden was launched on 12th Jan 2006 has become an essential part of the London Salsa scene providing Streetbeat’s usual high standard of classes plus that classic mix of friendly stylish clubbing run by adults for adults.
Originally on Thursdays we're now Every Tuesday with up to six classes and club.
Set in The Cuban restaurant /bar, the mix of Havana memorabilia and Camden Victorian charm blends surprisingly well. Salsa dancers will feel right at home here. It is comfortable and relaxed whilst stylish and modern. Of course the floor is wooden, and The Cuban has tradition Cuban air con. (two large doors, which work surprisingly well!)

Our Salsa Music

After the classes everyone dances to the music from one the UK's top salsa DJ's, DJ Felicidad, sometimes real, sometimes virtual, she plays a genuine mix of salsa styles, from big band NY to funky Cuban Timba, Romantica to Raggaton.
It's a smooth blend best described as classic mainstream salsa with a large dash of Cuban!


Cocktails are a big part of life at The Cuban. Mixed with style, expertise and flare, it's worth a visit just to try one or two.
Go on, treat yourself :-)

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