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i2i Intro to Rueda with Alastair Sadler at Salsa Soho!
This course is a four hour crash course in La Rueda De La Casino (the Cuban wheel dance)
It introduces participants to the moves the calls the hand signals and the sheer fun of Rueda, all of which are brilliant for freestyle salsa.
Minimum standard:
Please note that this is not a course for beginners. It is aimed at Improvers and above who have some freestyle salsa experience.

As ever this i2i Flavours course start with the essential Salsa Rapido Framework which makes this course a direct follow on from the 1-Day Intensive.
Loads of info on the site or call me 07939 012231
Book Now!
Regular price £40 per person
If you've done an i2i course in the last 6 months use the offer code 'flav'- £30
If you've done a 1-Day Intensive for Beginners in the last two months use the offer code 'b4'- £35

Salsa! Soho, 96 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0JG Map Link
On Sunday 28th July, join us as we will celebrate the 21th Anniversary of the Thames Salsa Cruise! Yes, that’s right, we’ve been running the Thames Salsa Cruise for a whopping 21 whole years this summer! Two decades of dancing on the decks of MV Royalty, up and down the River to the music of DJ Felicidad and partying all the way and what fun it’s been :-) The Thames, the skyline and faces have changed but the boat, the fun, and the energy is better than ever so if you’re new to this event or want to revisit it, we would love you to come and share this fabulous moment with us!

Come and salsa the River as we cruise from the Festival Pier Southbank to the Barrier and back. Watch the sunset as you sip a drink on the back deck, then see the River sparkle as the city lights up; all the while listening to some great salsa music to entice you back to the dance floor.
Four hours of dancing and fun; what a great way to spend a summer evening!
Departs Festival Pier by the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank at 6.45pm, returning at 10.50pm

Get your ticket early because we will probably sell out!
Groups (5+) cost £15 and the regular advanced price is £18. (£22 cash on the day)

sprite-news News:

Yesterday I received an email from TripAdvisor informing me that I had been awarded a Certificate of Excellence.
I had no idea that there was such a thing but now I've got one I'm a big fan.
It's the chance to thanks to everyone who's taken the time and trouble to say some kind words about my Salsa Rapido 1-Day Intensive course.

Click the image to visit TridAdvisor

Reflection: (You may prefer to read this on the Salsa Rapido Blog)
When I embedded TripAdvisor into my site I was hoping for praise but open to the possibility of harsh and unfair criticism, and in fairness I've received a one star review from someone who wasn't on the course and a two star review from someone who enjoyed the class but didn't enjoy the fajitas at lunch! May I just add that fajitas are not compulsory and anyone can eat wherever they wish. Lunch isn't even part of the deal so bring a packet of crisps in if you wish but don't blame my course if they didn't have your favourite flavour! (I'm so over it now)
Anyway, I overcame my fears and gave it a go, realising that feedback is good and TripAdivsor offers a third party review that's useful for the pubic when booking.
Many months later and I've received mainly five star reviews.
This tells me that:
My presentation is engaging and entertaining.
People are way nicer than I deserve.
Salsa Rapido is a mature enough method to stand comparison to traditional classes.
I'm really good at asking for five star reviews.

On the last point my hobby of stand up comedy led to five shows at the Edinburgh Fringe where at the end of a show we would have a 'bucket speech' to encourage the audience to give a tip (our only source of income)
Cliched line like "Take some change, fold it and put it in the bucket" were common.
One time I got a waif-like act to kneel down holding the bucket while looking as mournful as a Dickensian child.
Another time a showed the audience picture of my cats on my phone and asked "which one should I 'economise' first?" Well it works for charities!
The result was seldom any different. It was the show that counted.
I got Hacked on Facebook
I wanted to ‘boost’ my post for our new monthly Sunday night event Salsa Clasica (plug plug here’s the link ) I hadn't used it for a year and so wasn’t checking for any activity but found my FaceBook advertising account had been hacked last March......
read more on the Salsa Rapido blog
Daytime Dance Project
Daytime Dance is an exciting new project to bring people together for fun and friendship whilst learning a brand new dance Mambalsa, a new social dance that promotes well-being through confidence, empathy and respect.
Location: The Three Compasses, 62 High St, Hornsey, London N8 7NX [Map Link]
Times: Wednesdays 11am to 12.30pm from June 19th
Cost: First session FREE then pay what you want. (I don’t want cost to be a barrier)
Adults of any age welcome (18+)
see also:
[About Mambalsa]
[Mambalsa Blog]
I've posted three new videos about the concept of Flow and an introductory blog post.

Salsa Rapido blog (please subscribe)
There's now seventeen clips on the Salsa Rapido Concepts playlist and more coming so please subscribe
Salsa Rapido Concepts playlist.

Flow - What is it
Flow - How it Affects Salsa
Flow - Finding Flow in Salsa

enjoy :-)

Salsa Footwork. It's all in the feet!

A post to introduce the first four videos in my
Salsa Rapido Concepts playlist. (please subscribe)

“Footwork, footwork, footwork” the beginner salsa dancer's bete noire. The very concept that defines salsa and so many dances, hence the Salsa Rapido rule number one:

No Footwork Sequence, No Salsa!

The mastery of the Footwork Sequence FWS becomes the conceptual barrier between beginners and Improvers levels. Which means any time spent on it is well worth it...... Read more at the Salsa Rapido blog
A post to give a progress report on the Salsa Rapido Video Clips
Salsa Rapido Concepts playlist. (please subscribe)
I though it a good idea to post an update on how the Salsa Rapido Concepts playlist on YouTube is going.

In been a little over a month since I published the first fourteen clips....... Read more at the Salsa Rapido blog
I've set up a new section on the site for Tripadvisor reviews of the 1-Day Intensive Course.
If you've been on the course recently and would be kind enough to review it please go to
Thanks in advance :-)
For suggestions and suggestions please email me at salsa@streetbeat.co.uk
I have sad news to share as after 13 fun filled years, we will not be continuing Salsa Camden.
For those following the ins and outs, you'll know that a deal was done re bands and promotion for Tuesdays.
That deal has not been honoured.
I will post a full account / rant in my Salsa Rapido blog in the New Year, sufficed to say, that given the toxic environment and despite my best efforts, I have had to let Salsa Camden go.
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who's supported us, for your friendship and energy, and more recently, patience. Plus, of course, for the loyalty and support of the current team, so much appreciated. It's been a blast and there are so many good memories ????
However, tis the season to be jolly, holly, mince pied to the eyes and tinselled around the edges. So,
I and the Salsa Camden Crew would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
....posted by Alastair Sadler Dec 2018
I've publish more articles on the Salsa Rapido blog.


Other Salsa Rapido articles include:
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Counts Commonly Used in Salsa 10/18/2017
Salsa Rapido method- Fast, Fun & Progressive 28/09/2017
Travelling steps 30/04/2017
The Mechanics of Spinning 20/04/2017
What is Salsa Style? 08/02/2017
How I got into salsa 11/01/2017
Welcome to the Salsa Rapido Method 09/01/2017
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sprite-i2i  Minimum level required

Please note that the Salsa Rapido i.2.i. Flavours program is not for absolute beginners.
It is a course to bring post beginners into the faster paced world of freestyle salsa.

Minimum standard guideline:
All participants must be able to keep their footwork going whilst concentrating on something else.
All participants must be able to manipulate their FWS to make a range of basic steps.
All participants must have experienced a range of moves.
All participants must be able to lead or follow a 'Cross Body Lead' or 'Dile Que No'
I strongly recommend that a minimum of four hours tuition has been completed prior to the i.2.i. - Beginners Consolidation.
If you're still not sure contact us (daytime only please).

sprite-i2i  i2i Spins Flavour

i2i Spins Flavour salsa course at bar Salsa!
The i2i Spins Flavour explores the salsa techniques, salsa moves and combinations based on various techniques for spinning (rapid rotation) including:
Spins vs turns
The natural mechanics of spinning in salsa
Best and worst practice
Hook Turns & spins
Travelling Spins
Multiple Spins various
Please note:

All Salsa Rapido® i2i Flavours salsa classes are not suitable for absolute beginners.
All i2i Flavours salsa lessons start with the compulsory Salsa Rapido® framework section which introduces/ reinforces core concepts of event led salsa dancing.

sprite-i2i  Bar Salsa Soho

Saturdays: The Salsa Rapido 1-Day Intensive courses for beginners are held every Saturday and the Improvers level sessions (i.2.i.) twice per month on Sundays
View Course Dates
bar Salsa Soho
96 Charing Cross Rd
Leicester Square,
London WC2H 0JG

Map Link

From Leicester Square tube:
There are many exits, ideally use exit no.3 then turn right and walk along Charing Cross Road. Alternatively stand with the entrance to Leicester Square behind you and turn left to walk along Charing Cross Road.
Go Straight over Cambridge Circus Roundabout and Salsa! is on the right with outdoor tables and chairs, next to Made.com.
From Tottenham Court Road tube:
Upon exiting stand with Oxford Street to your right and Tottenham Court Road behind you. Walk along Charing Cross Road which is straight ahead. (Please note that due to the building of the Cross Rail Station, a slight detour around the building site may be necessary) Before you get to Cambridge Circus, Salsa is on the left next to made.com.p.

sprite-i2i  i2i Improvers Salsa Course

The Salsa Rapido Improvers to Intermediate salsa courses (i2i) are designed to take post-beginner salsa dancers into the world of freestyle salsa dancing so you can get into dancing at the salsa clubs.

As with all Salsa Rapido courses, it is a genuine foundation course spanning the regional styles and popular moves.

They are intensive and offer real progress and achievement within a fun, friendly and supportive environment where experienced and less experienced participants help each other.
The program is designed as a compliment to your existing classes or as a stand alone path to club/social dancing and advanced salsa levels
Each course consists of four hours of actual tuition on one day. This does not include coffee breaks, lunch period, Q&As or practice sessions!

The standard price for an i2i Flavours course is £40 per course.
This is discounted to £35 if you have attended the Salsa Rapido 1-Day intensive for beginners course within two months (use offer code 'b4')
If you have attended an i2i Flavours course in the last six months, further i2i Flavours courses are half price i.e. £30 regardless of which flavour it is (use the offer code 'flav')
The booking system will provide you will an accurate quote before you buy.
Rarely, other discounts may apply but discounts are not accumulative so choose the best one.
I never give discounts retrospectively (our errors are corrected promptly) so if you're not sure contact me.

The Salsa Rapido® i2i Flavours is a series of salsa courses aimed at Improver and Intermediate salsa dancers.
Held at bar Salsa in London on Sundays 11.30am – 5pm (not every week)
The salsa lesson is led by professional salsa teacher Alastair Sadler
The salsa lesson is split into two sections
• The Salsa Rapido® Framework section
• The Flavour of the day – a theme that varies each course.
Once you've attended an i2i course, you can do all the other flavours at a discounted price, use the offer code 'flav'
All bookings are in advanced via www.streetbeat.co.uk

sprite-i2i  Booking and Payment

Booking is required- In order to balance the numbers of men and women attending we insist on advance booking only via our on-line booking system.

Payments can be made via credit and debit cards using our on-line booking system, which accepts all major card types.
Our on-line booking system is as secure as possible.
In fact we no longer see your credit card details, ever!
Our system rounds up the details of how many people, how much to pay and which date etc. Then you and this information is sent to our payment company called Sage Pay who process your card details and then send you back to us.
The drawback with this system is that we cannot take your credit card details over the phone.

sprite-i2i  i2i Deep Salsa

i.2.i. Deep Salsa
A new Improvers Plus level Salsa Rapido course.

This course is not and bunch of moves, styling or footwork. It’s for dancers who are looking to energise their salsa through looking at things in a different way.
It uses models and exercises that you will probably not be familiar with.
These will allow you to discover the underlying psychology and ways to change the way you dance or to recognise that no change is necessary.

Salsa Rapido® Method:
The ethos of Salsa Rapido is the same at all levels. It’s the Fast, Fun and Progressive approach to salsa.
In other words I want to get you better, faster, while having a heap of fun.
If you think teaching should be a dry, boring, authoritarian and pedogarcical experience, be warned you’ll hate this!

All Salsa Rapido® i2i Flavours salsa classes are not suitable for absolute beginners.
Improvers level is
My definition of an intermediate is someone who regularly dances freestyle salsa. If you're not there yet don't worry. Improvers level is inbetween Beginners and Intermediate.
As an absolute minimum I would assume you can lead/follow a Cross Body Lead / Dile Que No and can manipulate the foot work sequence into several popular patterns e.g. Mambo (Forward 'n Back), Rumba (Side Step).
I’m the first to admit that’s a wide group of levels but I’m working on the basis that those who dance in clubs should know enough to lead/ follow and can operate at ‘club speed’. Improvers can handle the info but struggle to implement things as fast simply because they haven't had enough ‘real time’ dancefloor experience.
If you’re not sure call me.

11.30am -5pm at Salsa Soho, 96 Charing Cross Road,
Advanced booking only please.

What’s on the course:
What is an advanced dancer:
What motivates a dancer to go from Intermediate to advanced? Motivation
Getting the most from each dance.
The Buzzsaw of Tension Release.

Deep salsa:
Reactive leading - turning mistakes into opportunities.
Avoiding the blame game
The follower’s game - (trust me you’ll love it) Adv Body language

The random move machine - Divergent thinking
Making the moves your own
Within his combos
Finding the state of Flow

Musical Interpretation to energise everything:
Find the beat
Making beats work for you
M.I. framework

sprite-i2i  i2i Rueda Flavour

La Rueda De La Casino
This salsa course is a crash course into La Rueda De La Casino - the Cuban wheel dance. It introduces participants to the moves, the calls and the sheer fun of La Rueda. All of which are brilliant for freestyle salsa.
From a teaching perspective Rueda gives the student excellent ‘class pace’ or learning speed. Also it gives special awareness and a sense of fun.
It’s a must! Besides you've already done many of the moves wherever your style!

sprite-i2i  i2i Travelling Flavour

i2i Travelling Flavour salsa course at bar Salsa!
Travelling – large movements across the dance floor give salsa an amazing dynamism. From the humble CBL or ‘Dile Que No’ to slides and glides there’s heaps of fun to be had moving off the spot. So break on through to the other side of the dance floor.
The i2i Travelling Flavour explores the salsa techniques, salsa moves and combinations based on various techniques of travelling (large movements across the floor) including:
CBL/ Dile Que No variations
Travelling on any beat in any direction.
Around the world / Guapea combos
Second beat based combos CBL On2 / Sacala

Please note:
All Salsa Rapido® i2i Flavours salsa classes are not suitable for absolute beginners.
All i2i Flavours salsa lessons start with the compulsory Salsa Rapido® framework section which introduces/ reinforces core concepts of event led salsa dancing.

sprite-i2i  Am I an Improver

An improver has generally completed 6-10 classes (weekly 1 hour) and can consistently keep the footwork sequence going. You will have experienced spins, turns and various combinations but probably have not mastered them or cannot remember them.
Once you can dance free-style in a club you naturally become an Intermediate.
Please note that if you have reached that free-style level but have had a break from salsa of months / years you are just a rusty intermediate and you should not go back to beginners level.
If you are not sure call us or try one of our regular weekly classes and have a chat about your level.

sprite-i2i  Why have waiting lists

We want to offer the best course possible and that means balanced numbers of men and women (see why have balanced numbers).
Please don't be put off by the waiting list as we nearly always offer places to everyone on the list.
Generally ladies book early (they're organised) and men book late! The waiting list covers the gap in the middle.
We also use the waiting list to make up for last minute transfers etc.

sprite-i2i  i2i Move Crunch

i2i Move Crunch Flavour.
Move Crunch takes leaders and followers through fundamental moves and combos.
All five categories of moves are identified and the most common examples of each presented.
Moves are presented with in the framework of 'Events' and 'Rapport' based leading and following.
This is not only faster so we get more done, but gives the fastest method of acquiring repertoire.
Followers practice the skills of presence, pre-active attention and anti anticipation raising confidence and the skill of following unknown moves.
So often in salsa moves are presented and big combinations or combos. From You Tube clips to salsa classes at salsa congresses and weekenders, big combos are the ‘standard packaging’ of repertoire.
This course will unpack those long, impossible to remember moves!
How we remember moves and make them danceable straight after the class.
Most importantly, making a combo your own.
Please note:
It doesn't matter which order you take the i2i Flavours.
All Salsa Rapido® i2i Flavours salsa classes are not suitable for absolute beginners.
All i2i Flavours salsa lessons start with the compulsory Salsa Rapido® framework section which introduces/ reinforces core concepts of event led salsa dancing.

sprite-i2i  What level am I

Am I a beginner or Improver
In ascending order the general levels are:
Beginner, Improver, Intermediate, Advanced.

If you have never had a salsa class before, or you have tried a couple of salsa classes you are a beginner. No expertise in another dance qualifies you for salsa although you can expect to find many aspects of the course easier.
An excellent natural definition of a salsa beginner is that you cannot keep the footwork sequence going consistently unless most of your attention is focussed upon it.
An improver has generally completed 6-10 classes (weekly 1 hour) and can consistently keep the footwork sequence going while thinking of other things. You will have experienced spins, turns and various combinations but probably have not mastered them or cannot remember them.
Usually improvers are not confident of dancing in a freestyle situation and lack practice.
The Improver level Course is called the i.2.i. "improvers to intermediate" and is a direct follow on to the 1-Day Intensive Course for Beginners
Click here to visit the i.2.i. FAQ
Minimum levels for i.2.i.courses:
All participants must be able to :

  • Keep the footwork going whilst concentrating on something else.
  • Manipulate their FWS to make a range of basic steps.
  • Have experienced a range of moves.
  • Lead or follow a 'Cross Body Lead' or 'Dile Que No'
  • I strongly recommend that a minimum of four hours tuition has been completed prior to the i.2.i. Courses.

Once you can dance freestyle in a club you naturally become an Intermediate. You’re getting so much practice that a gap opens up between those who freestyle and those who don’t. You’ll still make mistakes, and get frustrated about various things but it’s a nice place to be so well done and enjoy :-)
The quick answer is ... if you’re reading this you’re not! But if you are advanced you’ll know it. You won’t need medals or camera crews, but you’ll be able to look good any time any place anywhere, and most importantly you’ll be able to make anyone you dance with feel great.

If you have reached that freestyle salsa level but have had a break from salsa of months / years you are just a rusty intermediate and you should not go back to beginners level. If you are not sure call us or try one of our regular weekly classes and have a chat about your level.

Don’t be overeager to become advanced. (from a man who created Salsa Rapido!) What I mean is enjoy the journey. There’s fun to be had at every level. Those beginners you leave behind in your race to improve may have become your friend for life.

Ride above the cliquedom and politics and give a little back. An advanced dancer who can’t dance with a beginner isn’t advanced.

And finally... If you’re really not sure, call me. I’ve been having this conversation for a loooong time and can usually clarify things for you.

sprite-i2i  Am I a beginner

If you have never had a salsa class before, or you have tried a couple of salsa classes you are a beginner. No expertise in another dance qualifies you for salsa although you can expect to find aspects of the course easier.
An excellent natural definition of a salsa beginner is that you cannot keep the footwork sequence going consistently. Please also see 'Am I an Improver' and the i.2.i. course level requirments

sprite-i2i  Alastair Sadler salsa teacher

Alastair Sadler has been teaching salsa since 1995 and has clocked up over 12,000 classes.
From the start he has developed and refined the progressive teaching method called Salsa Rapido.
Many of his projects have helped define salsa in the UK:
Salsa instructors forum (a workshop where instructors could exchange good teaching practice an ideas).
The One Day Intensive course (The world's first and most successful intensive course, still running weekly)
Salsa university (an all-dayer concept but weekly with 5 advanced classes in different styles)
In addition to teaching he runs The Streetbeat Salsa Co. and edited the Email Salsa News from 1999 -2007.
Salsa Camden - London's highly successful Rapido & Rueda venue where we ran the UK's first ever weekly Bachata course.
In 2001 he choreographed & performed a solo demo (with a mop and office chair) at several congresses and events throughout Europe.
His TV credits as performer and/or choreographer include Baby Father I & II, Casualty, Happiness, Auf Weidersehn Pet and the BBC Ident ( He was the big guy at the front in the white shirt!)

Since 2011 he has realised his love of comedy and performed Stand Up at The Edinburgh Fringe festival (2011, 2012)
I still have many new projects to run such as Liquida and teacher training courses.
It's all been possible through the support of my wife Felicity aka DJ Felicidad with whom I've been married to since 1994.

sprite-i2i  What If I need to pospone

Once booked, you are committed to coming and if you don't show no refund will be given.
However, if you need to postpone please call us (don't email) with as much notice as possible and we will do what we can to help. Our priority is to those attending the course regarding balanced numbers of men and women etc.
We do charge a fee for transferring a booking:-
Transfers with 3 days or more notice = £10 per person.
Transfers with 2 days or less notice = £15 per person.

sprite-i2i  History of i2i salsa courses

Sept 2013 launch of Salsa Rapido i2i Flavours.
This upgrade solves several problems: Currently I offer one opportunity to do the i2i Beginners Consolidation per month. Which means people have to wait up to four weeks for the course and if they miss that one it's two months! I also want to create a learning environment where people are learning peer to peer. i.e. a supportive and friendly group with experienced and less experienced participants. Once participants have attended any one of the i2i courses they can do all the other flavours for half price, within six months.
Extended to full day 11- 11.30am. This will mean a proper lunch break.
The first part of the day is effectively the old Beginners Consolidation course. My much loved/hated exercises designed to ram home the fundamental Salsa Rapido concepts and skills now renamed Salsa Rapdio Framework.
After lunch we add in the flavour of the day. La Rueda, Smooth Styling, Musical Interpretation and Big moves. (I'm thinking of adding to this list)
For the i2i flavours I'm aiming for reasonably balanced numbers rather than the precise balance we have on the beginners.
I'm currently working on the notes and video clips for the course :-)

Jan 2008 sees the launch of the i.2.i. course (improvers to intermediate) and chance to develop the content of the B.C.B.
There is too much content for a single day, so a themed course can cover much much more within the i2i.
I wish to maintain each sessions independence so dancers can get a lot from just one session, but even more with several. The themes will help to focus on specific areas in detail, whilst maintaining the Salsa Rapido method's foundation course status.
When the 1-Day intensives were established in 2002 (we believe these were the first regular full day courses in the world) The B.C.B. Beginners Consolidation and Beyond was created. Since then hundreds of dancers have been propelled into club competence. The most common feedback is 'When I went back to my local club, loads of people said wow what a difference!'

1998 - Alastair ran a 10 week course titled Deep Salsa for intermediate dancers in London's West End (Later repeated in Sweden on a non-Salsa Rapido influenced scene)
The course was designed to explore and test a number of concepts. The main objective was to discover the differences between an average follower and an advanced follower, and the leading, following and style techniques that enabled dancers to achieve advanced level.
The conclusions were both startling an obvious, and they formed the basis for the Salsa Rapido Framework and affected the Salsa Rapido curriculum at every level.

sprite-i2i  Follow up

Hi everyone,
I hope you've recovered from the Salsa Rapido 1-Day Intensive for Beginners.
If you didn't make it get in touch and reschedule :-)

Options to follow up:
The next level is called the i.2.i Flavors courses, which are a series of four hour courses on Sundays 11.30-5pm at Salsa Soho.
Each one has a theme and it doesn't matter which order you do them.
They are designed by my for you so you are the right level :-)
Click Dates and Booking below for dates etc.
Use offer code 'b4' for £35pp.

As a self employed teacher I rely on good reviews. Pls review the course (not the catering) via the link below.

Pls email any criticisms & suggestions, they're always welcome salsa@streetbeat.co.uk
If you'd like to say something nice especially on Google:
 Google Review and/or TripAdviser Review   

The videos are at Youtube
Please like share and subscribe.

to link to this page copy :
Kind regards to all Alastair

sprite-i2i  i2i Smooth Styling Flavour

Smooth Styling
"I believe most people aspire to a smoother style where dancers seamless shift from one move to the next in complete balance with each other and the music."
This course aims to:
• Polish your salsa leading and following skills and develop true free styling (as opposed to choreographed salsa)
• Take your salsa style somewhere new and different so you gain an objective view of where you want to go with your salsa style
• Deliberately take the genre of Salsa somewhere new and exciting.

For this course our starting point is London style salsa of the mid nineties, a fusion of Miami Cuban and Columbian. Most of the good male dancers were afro Caribbean and brought a fluidity and smoothness that reflected soul, reggae and funk.
By taking that smoothing of the moves and applying confidence and rapport it make the perfect dance for slightly slower rnb influenced salsa.

sprite-i2i  i2i Musical Interp and Garnish

I've combined two course into one as they work so well together.
Musical Interpretation: Using the music to influence your dance.
Often overlooked, musical interpretation is your best friend when you work with it and your worst enemy if you choose to ignore it.

The course covers:
Salsa Timings.
The Salsa Rapido framework of musical interpretation ( how to use the music)
Historical timeline of salsa music.
Salsa club sub-genres (bachata, merengue, cumbia, son, etc...)
The instruments of a typical salsa band and their rhythmic contribution.

Garnish- the pretty stuff on the edge of the dish, and so it is for salsa....
A collection of salsa techniques that appear to break the rules including:
Dips 'n drops (doing them safely);
Six beat moves (multiple spins and footwork);
Transition steps;
The body language secrets of salsa dancing including Reactive Leading.
The terms may not be familiar to you but their effect on the dance is!
Learn how to use them and how others abuse them.

All Salsa Rapido? i2i Flavours salsa classes are not suitable for absolute beginners.
All i2i Flavours salsa lessons start with the compulsory Salsa Rapido? framework section which introduces/ reinforces core concepts of 'event led' salsa dancing.

sprite-i2i  i2i Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Salsa Rapido course bookings.
These Terms and conditions are designed so that your course runs smoothly within the best environment possible.

Please do not contact me via email as they often get missed, call me (office hours) on 07939 012231

Once booked you are committed to the date of the course. If however, you wish to transfer to a later date or put your booking on hold we can do so. Transfers do attract a transfer fee. These transfer fees are dependent on how close to the date of your booking you make the transfer. Transfers can only be made via the telephone within office hours (Mon. to Fri.) prior to the course. Transfers with 7 days or more notice = £5 per person. Transfers with 3-7 days notice = £10 per person. Transfers with 2 days or less notice = £15 per person.
No-Shows: No-Shows is the term we give to those people who do not arrive at the course at the given time and have not contacted us by 5pm on the day before the course to transfer. No-Shows are not refunded or made alternative offers, as their actions disrupt the balance of the class.
Refund Policy: We will only refund in the unlikely event of The Streetbeat Salsa Co. cancelling the course. No further compensation will be offered.
Health and Safety: We expect all participants who have physical or mental problems, which may affect their performance or the performance of others to seek professional medical advice prior to booking and inform the instructors prior to the course.
Should any problems occur during the course, participants must immediately stop and inform the instructors immediately. The Streetbeat Salsa Co. accepts no responsibility for injuries etc. sustained during the course.
Exclusions: Participants may be asked to leave with no refund for the following reasons:
Dangerous, Disruptive or offensive behaviour;
Poor personal hygiene;
Inappropriate dress likely to cause injury;
Apparent alcohol or drug use, before or during the course;
Inappropriate level i.e. to far above or below the stated level of the course.
Any breach of the above terms and conditions:
Copyright: The Streetbeat Salsa Co. reserves all rights to the material presented at the course. N.B. The verbal content is scripted and therefore subject to copyright. No recording or photography of the course is allowed.
Photography and Filming: These terms and conditions also include your agreement to the filming/ photographing of the course and you hereby give all consents necessary for the reproduction, exhibition and use of the material recorded. The Streetbeat Salsa Co. are entitled to cut and edit the film as we deem fit.
Changing partners: Changing Partners is essential and non-optional. See FAQ 'Do I need a partner?' for details.
We look forward to seeing you on the day.
Alastair Sadler - The Streetbeat Salsa Co.

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